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I’m approaching the end of my fifth year in California. It’s a few months off, but I imagine I’ll write about that more soon. It comes close to coinciding with an arbitrarily momentous birthday.

It’s been about two weeks since I updated the journal—how time flies when you’re, uh, doing stuff. Most of what I’ve been doing has been programming for work, of course, although I’m mindful of personal projects that are being continually neglected. In addition to starting to poke at Lisp again after being reminded by a friend/former boss that I haven’t been, I’ve been studying Django a bit, which is in some ways the Python equivalent to Ruby on Rails, and may be in some ways a better system. Granted, I don’t know Python, but I think I’m at that point in programming where I can pick up most languages without undue difficulty. (Lisp being a mild exception, but that’s a byproduct of my rather math-deficient educational background coming back to haunt me, I suspect.) I’ve also been grudgingly respecting PHP again, though, after making a conscious effort to write a component of the work system from scratch using fully “modern” PHP components. In some ways PHP, at least with version 5, is like Javascript: there’s a fairly powerful, well-executed language in there which is unfortunately burdened with a whole lot of crap.

I’ve been working on fiction writing again, a little, and playing around with Yet Another Strange Writing Tool: this one is Scrivener, which is sort of a mix of editor, outliner, and database. I’m going to try and draft a complete new story in it; I’ll report back on how it goes. (It’s really intended for doing drafts, and exporting those drafts to a word processor for final assembly.)

It’s about time to get to the office, so I’ll wrap this up, even though it’s a bit short. I’m going to be trying yet again to start getting up earlier to see if I can set aside a full hour every morning for writing; as anyone who’s read my journal for a while knows, my track record on this is pretty dismal. But hey, maybe twelfth time’s the charm. (I know my point of failure is not getting to bed at an early enough time to pull this off; I just don’t do well with less than seven hours of sleep.)

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