Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Monitor upgrading

When I moved out to California, I didn’t bring any computer monitors with me; at the time I was only using my laptop. When I got a desktop again, I borrowed one of revar’s old monitors and it’s been with me since.

Of course, the monitor world has moved on since then; LCDs are, well, a lot sharper than CRTs, particularly CRTs that are seven or eight years old, with slight coloration issues that resist degaussing and straight lines that you can never quite get truly straight no matter how much you fiddle around with the settings. Buying a new monitor has been on my “things to eventually do” list for a year, particularly after being spoiled by the 1600×1200 monitor that I have at work. The CRT can go to 1600×1200, too, but doing so exacerbates the fuzziness issue, brings down the refresh rate just enough that I’ll eventually get a headache, and so forth. I’m finding this all out because I’m (re-re-)rediscovering the value of having a work desk, even though I do actually connect up my laptop to the monitor and the keyboard, leaving the desktop headless.

Yesterday, I decided to move “eventually” up to “how about now.”

The new monitor that should be on its way is a Dell 2407WFP-HC. Yes, being a Mac guy, I was tempted by the comparable Cinema Display, but Apple can’t even pretend to be competitive on monitors. The Cinema ones look cool, they may have slightly better build quality, but I didn’t pay the $150 goth tax for the black MacBook over the white one and I’m not going to pay the $300 ZOMG brushed metal! tax for the monitor. And while I’d thought some of Dell’s features in the monitor were weird—who’d use a Compact Flash reader built into the side of the display?—I realized, hey, actually I would.

So I’ll report back later for the morbidly interested. This does leave me wondering if I should actually ditch the desktop—it’s increasingly just being used as a server—but I think I’ll hang onto it for now. Those are musings for another post, anyway.

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