Watts (chipotle) wrote,

So it's twenty minutes to noon and I'm not in a cafe, but a food court. It's International Plaza's food court, which is not nearly as bad as one might imagine--not all that loud, before the lunch rush not all that crowded, and surprisingly well designed. I'm having a Cinnabon and a cup of coffee; this might pass for lunch today, depending, although I have a "Cup of Noodles" type ramen lunch back at the office. I'm feeling poor after having burned through a fair amount of money on eating out over the weekend. It was fun, though, getting to see Uncle Kage (Anthrocon's erstwhile chairman) and some of the Orlando-area fans, and then to hang out with John Nunnemacher for a while.

Despite feeling poor, I'm considering going to the Apple store here and getting an Air Port card, the internal 802.11 card for the PowerBook. A friend lent me a wireless router and an 802.11 PCMCIA card, and I have to say it's pretty cool. But I can't travel with the card installed--the antenna makes it too wide to fit in the carrying case that I have. And, the card doesn't use the software drivers in OS X, despite what the guy at the Apple store thinks; I found a beta open source driver that has cheerful warnings like letting the computer go into sleep mode may cause problems and removing the card and reinstalling it will cause a kernel panic. (So combined with the first problem, it means if I wanted to travel I'd have to power down the computer each time so I could remove the card.)

I know. Nitpicky, nitpicky, nitpicky.

I have another writing group meeting tomorrow evening and haven't read the chapters/stories by other members yet. In theory, we're going to read chapter 2 of In Our Image tomorrow, a/k/a "the big information dump chapter"; it should be interesting. The other writers' group I belong to would be on chapter 4 of Image when they meet this upcoming Saturday, except that I'm still not finished with chapter 4.

Despite that, I'm working on writing randomness for an APA that I belong to; maybe it'll kick my imagination back into gear for more serious writing later. I've also wondered about the absinthe anthology that aynjel has been interested in, but I don't have any clear ideas yet. I'm also manifestly non-goth, although maybe I get a merit point for having a few Sisters of Mercy CDs and a copy of Concrete Blonde's "Bloodletting."

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