Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Quick report over chili fries

I’m back safe and sound from Pittsburgh, and had a wonderful time at the con. I’ll try to write a more useful con report by the weekend, before the information is too stale.

Currently, I’m in a Taxi’s Hamburger in Santa Clara, before a showing of Harry Potter and the Overpriced Movie Ticket I’ll be joining jakebe, toob, Malin and a bunch of other locals at. The Taxi’s here not only has free wifi, it has free WPA secured wifi, which is pretty cool. Unfortunately, it’s still a Taxi’s, but what can you do.

I’d entertained fantasies of getting going again on a couple projects in the hour—45 minutes?—I’d have before it’d behoove me to get in line, but that seems highly unlikely. That’s okay, though. It’s about time to head out one way or the other.

I’ll try not to give spoilers to the estimated 3 people in America who don’t know what happens. Yes, as strange as it may seem, some of us are not actually reading the books, and it’s a little grating that it was completely f—ing impossible to have avoided learning that Darth Vader killed Dumbledore.

Anyway. See you all on the flip side!

Tags: food, movies

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