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Notes from the desk

Whew. Another two weeks without an update. Truly, I’ve started to suck at this again.

Well, the truth is it’s been a busy last two weeks—mostly busy at work. That’s been good, of course, and it’s not likely to get much less busy, which is also good, but it’s keeping me from getting much else done. The free time I had over the weekend was mostly spent beating my head against some “homework” from the writing group, not all of which I got done anyway. Ack. I did get a (slightly lame) critique of jakebe’s story done, at least, and one of the other two assignments. The one I did was “Witness Protection,” described as

Put a character in a situation entirely new to the character, e.g.; college, a new school, a new job, a new city or country. Let the character improvise a new identity, as most of us do when we’ve moved into a new world. This exercise should not be about the new situation but about how the character adjusts themselves and their mindset to the new situation.

…and it was pretty fun, really. My 400-word vignette ended up being about 1200 words, and could almost be a standalone short story of its own; it certainly contains a few story seeds.

The second assignment I didn’t get done involved writing a synopsis of a novel that I haven’t written yet, the idea being that it might help me crystallize what I need to do with it. It’s a good idea, but I’m not at the point I can do that yet with it, despite having been working on the setting for the damn novel for well over a year at this point.

Random Notes

With the busy-ness at work has come happy aspects of a promised raise and apparent real stability (despite the annoying tax status). Sometime before the end of this month I’ll work out my taxes, as much as I loathe the thought; it’ll help me work out a plan for knocking down my remaining debt quick. (Not to mention other expenses on the horizon, like fixing my car’s air conditioning and having the engine looked at. I’m hoping this thing’ll last me a few more years, despite my tendency to put about 25K miles on it a year.)

Yesterday I switched my keyboard at work to a Macally IceKey. The IceKey is a weird keyboard initially, because it uses the “scissor” key switches laptops use: it feels like a laptop keyboard that’s been stretched out. But the surprisingly positive reviews on this one are right—it’s one of the best keyboards I’ve used in years as far as haptic quality goes. I may get a second one for home use, assuming I start using my desktop computer more again.

In other unnecessary purchase news, I also bought shaving cream and aftershave from Truefitt & Hill, specifically their “West Indian Limes” scent. I don’t know if I’m really getting a better shave this way, but it’s sure neat stuff.

The Rock Bottom Brewery in Campbell is having a $18 three-course dinner special tonight in celebration of the “fire chief ale” tapping. This may bear a visitation this evening!

Just as another reminder, while I haven’t been journaling as much here, I do my “linkblogging” fairly regularly at Coyote Tracks (syndicated here as chipotle_tumble).

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