Watts (chipotle) wrote,

In mid-February, I ordered a book on legal research from Amazon, for use working on In Our Image. In mid-March, Amazon emailed me saying that it wouldn't be able to ship until mid-April. Yesterday, the emailed me saying it wouldn't be able to ship until mid-May. I gave up and cancelled the order, and placed an order for it through Barnes & Noble's website. They emailed me this morning saying they'd just shipped it.

The sad thing is, I'm not exactly sure what I needed it for now. I hope the notes I've been making are as good as I think they are. I think I need to spend today's lunch break at Panera and see if I can force my muse back from vacation. I've been finding too many other things to do other than writing recently; if I'm going to waste my time, it should be on something I get a vague sense of accomplishment from.

Last week I applied at Aquent, a recruiting company specializing in "creative talent," and yesterday I applied at KForce, a more IT-focused recruiting company. I actually talked with KForce about two years ago and it didn't go anywhere, but I was approaching them as a web developer then. Specfically, an Apache and PHP developer in a market that only cared about IIS, ASP and Cold Fusion. Now I'm trying as a technical writer. I really need a project to cement my Acrobat and FrameMaker skills, though. (I was going to write "an excuse" rather than "a project," but I have an excuse, don't I?)

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