Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Being less accessible

I’ve decided to try to be less accessible. This isn’t a “taking a break from the internets” thing, it’s a “giving my wrist a break” thing: I have an unconfirmed suspicion that the biggest stress on my wrists is the thumb keyboard that I’ve been using the last five years or so, and that this has been cheerfully undoing the effort I otherwise put into ergonomics. (Which effort I credit for, until recently, keeping me from having any symptoms remotely close to RSI or carpal tunnel.)

If this proves to be efficacious, I may have to rethink how and where I use my laptop, which is likely to be the next least ergonomic thing I’ve started doing over the last few years.

At any rate, if I’m not on AIM as often as I used to be, this is the reason why. (Those who have my cell phone number can, of course, still reach me via SMS.)


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