Watts (chipotle) wrote,

It Came from the Netherlands

So, with bigtig and susandeer here now, there are other people in the house who occasionally drink coffee. And, hey, that’s good enough to justify buying a new coffee machine, right? Besides, they got me three bags of good coffee for Christmas.

Besides, making coffee with the Chemex every morning was, well, getting kind of annoying. Drip machines have the advantage of requiring a relatively minimal amount of thought to work. They have the disadvantage, though, of… well, usually not making very good coffee.

At least, most of them don’t. This Dalek love child is a “Moccamaster Clubline,” made by Technivorm in the Netherlands. What makes it so special, you may ask?

  • It’s one of a very few coffee machines out there that actually brews coffee at the right temperature: about 200°F, just below boiling.
  • It also brews pretty fast.
  • The coffee’s as good as the Rube Goldberg-ish vacuum pot I have.
  • It’s almost as fun to watch as the vacuum pot.
  • It looks at least as cool.
  • But it’s a lot faster and easier to clean.
  • And most importantly, “Technivorm” sounds like a bad sci-fi movie monster. C’mon.

And really, this is good coffee. I bought a gold-tone filter to go with the machine, but brewed this first pot using a paper filter, and it came out much better than I’d expected—and my expectations were pretty high. (For the record, this was one of the coffees from Bennie and Sue, a Tanzanian Peaberry from Don Francisco.)

I’m doing a little triage on my coffee torture devices; I’ve moved an espresso machine I almost never use out to the garage (when I want espresso, the stovetop moka pot does a pretty good job, honestly), and have tried to make a bit of space on my grandmother’s baker’s rack for the Chemex and vacuum pot. I’m likely to keep the French press close at hand, but the Clubline may, for practical purposes, take the place of the other two.

(N.B.: The image is from Sweet Maria’s, the home roasting store I ordered the machine from.)

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