Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Florida bound (nearly)

My flight heads out tomorrow morning at 10am, so I’m aiming to be at the airport at 8am. I suspect that the people who want to see me on this trip have already gotten in touch with me, but I’ll be reachable once I’m in Florida via typical net methods anyway. (There may be a challenge in that I suspect my mom’s wifi network has been set up with an authorization scheme that the friend who set it up for her won’t have documented. I’ve downloaded the Airport Extreme manual so I know how to reset it.)

I’m pretty sure I have everything that I need already packed, save for a few things that aren’t going to be packed until the last minute. I’m going to be making a checklist, I suspect, in just a minute before I go to bed, though, so I have a marginal chance of actually finding those last-minute things tomorrow morning.

For those of you I won’t see until after Christmas, have a happy one. (Or whatever winter holiday you do—or even don’t—celebrate.)

Tags: travel

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