Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Fall arrives

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated. There’s no angstful reason for this; I suppose the old standby of I really haven’t had anything interesting to say applies in this case. Even so, that’s not quite true; things accumulate over time.

My job’s still going, and still going well. I’ve become almost superstitious about not mentioning work in a context of “I hope this lasts,” but y’know, I really do. Despite it being a contract, I think it does have the potential to go not only long-term but possibly permanent, and it’s something I admit I wasn’t expecting when I started: fun. It’s certainly the most engaging work I’ve had since I’ve been out here, and my suspicion that having a job that’s a bit challenging mentally will help me creatively rather than drain me seems to be true.

Having said that, while I joined a writing group with a few folks here a couple months ago, I still haven’t written anything complete for it. I’m nominally working on a few things, but I’m not sure where any of them are going, or if they’re going anywhere at all. I suspect I’m not going to attempt the madness that is NaNoWriMo this year; November is likely to be quite busy without additional assignments.

And, I’m considering moving.

I enjoy staying here with tugrik and revar; it’s a nice location and a nice enough house. (There are nits to pick with the landlord, but they are technically not mine to pick!) The rent is great for the Bay Area—it’s not an exaggeration to say my overall living expenses will nearly double if I move out on my own, which has been a compelling reason not to, particularly with my up-and-down employment. And, let’s be honest, staying here I have access to all the cool toys.

But, two things are likely to be changing before the end of the year.

  • We’re going to be acquiring two new housemates. Five people in a four-bedroom, and more importantly, two-bath house will be cramped. They may be temporary, but the dynamics may change in all sorts of ways. This was presented to me along with the possibility that the other four might all contemplate moving next year, and I should think about what I want to do if that happens.

  • The place I’m working at, I was told Friday, is going to be looking for new office space shortly—in San Mateo. My commute between here and Mountain View is already twenty miles each way, and San Mateo is another fifteen miles north. In certain ways the commute would get easier in that I’d be able to take the I-280 route up the peninsula, but that’s still one damn long trip.

Yesterday I went out looking at a few apartment complexes, several in San Mateo itself, as well as one in the hills of San Bruno I blundered into by happenstance. As I move forward I’ll be checking Craiglist to see about “smaller” rentals rather than bigger complexes. This isn’t (as far as I know) something I need to act on in an emergency fashion, so I can think about all sorts of odd ideas. I could live north of San Mateo, closer to San Francisco itself. Theoretically I could live across the San Mateo bridge in Hayward. (Unlikely choice, though.)

And, I would consider a roommate in a two-bedroom place, but I don’t know anyone who’s looking.

At any rate, it’s time for me to head out and get a little breakfast somewhere, and think about what to do with the day. More apartment/area hunting? Writing? Geeking out? Unsure yet.


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