Watts (chipotle) wrote,

More photos

I have a new photo album up from my Big Sur trip of January 2001.This is my first real use of the scanner's slide capability and they came out fine enough for web use. Most of them have only had an unsharp mask and a bit of level adjustment applied to them, and the 'dust/scratch' filter applied selectively when appropriate. In two cases I enlarged and cropped things for a better shot, although in one of those cases it's still an approximation of the photo that would have really been good. On one photo I used Photoshop's dodge tool to bring something out of the background a little (cheating, boo, hiss). The last photo--of the sunset--also has a glaring dust speck at the top I'm surprised I didn't catch.In addition to having a few object lessons in why I needed both a tripod and glasses on that trip (difficult to get things perfectly sharp with a manual focus camera if your eyes aren't seeing perfectly sharply), there's also the lesson of "catalog your photos faster." I don't really know where many of these photos were taken in any more specific locale than "along the Pacific Coast Highway."

Despite the several mea culpas, I like the photos.

As a side effect of this, my Windows 2000 box is now set to the Macintosh gamma. That change and a bit of (very) basic color calibration saved me from doing color corrections on the photos that would have done more harm than good. It may not be as much that Windows sucks for graphics work as much as you have to put much more effort into making it not suck. (By all accounts, if I had a color printer I wanted to correctly match with the screen, I'd be in for a world of pain.)

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