Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Crazy from the heat

So on Saturday, dracosphynx, Dave Bryant and I went out to go to a couple places in Oakland, Teance and the Bittersweet Cafe. This went fairly well. Coming back we stopped in Fremont at a Fry’s to see if they had A/C units for Dave. I didn’t think they would by now, and I was right, as it turned out: we’re in a big heat wave here, and it was actually 110° in Fremont that day.

On the way back from Fry’s, it seemed my car’s A/C wasn’t doing all that well. I figured it was just overwhelmed. But, on Sunday when I went out for lunch it started blowing hot air at me. This when it was over 100 here in San Jose. I was not happy.

And, last night the internet connection at home went out. The entire power grid is being stressed, and that affects the cable companies, too; Comcast has their 24-hour crews out just like PG&E, and the battle’s apparently just as futile in both quarters.

So. Today I went to Sears to get an A/C recharge, and I figured I’d stop by the Apple Store in the mall to check my e-mail and respond to some things: the net connection was still out at home this morning. (The cable modem thinks it’s connected to something valid, but the packets ain’t gettin’ out.) Sounds good, except that the Apple Store never opened. I don’t know what the hell they were doing in there, they just didn’t open by 11am, which is when I went back to Sears to pick up my car.

And that’s what I did, to be told that my A/C system doesn’t just need a recharge. The compressor isn’t coming on. They checked the fuses and they were all good.

So. I am job hunting on the internet without an internet connection, and driving to an internet café will require driving back out in the heat wave. It’s quarter past noon, already 90° and expected to keep a-climbin’. If I go back out, I’m probably staying put wherever I go until after sunset (8:21 PM, for those keeping track). The staff will surely love me.

Anybody know a good and cheap A/C-handling garage in the Los Gatos/Almaden area?

(A bit before 2pm, the internet at home started working again, and that’s where I’m at now—although I’m suspecting I should force myself to work on some non-internet projects anyway at this point. It’s now over 100° out, and I’m disinclined to drive anywhere.)

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