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I’ve met people who navigate by way of pop culture landmarks: they know where every Starbucks is, or every McDonald’s, or every Kinko’s. I think I’m starting to navigate by way of Panera Bread.

They’re great for digital nomads: for a chain restaurant, the food’s good and reasonably priced; they’re usually pleasantly decorated, clean, and have unobtrusive music (neither attention-demanding rock nor intelligence-draining Muzak); and they have free wifi with respectable bandwidth. Lately, of course, the $1.39 oatmeal cookie seems like a splurge—I’m going to have to look up good oatmeal cookie recipes.

On the job front, I know I’m being more lackadaisical than the situation warrants—I’m not pursuing “gigs” from Craigslist that I potentially could be, nor am I putting together the PHP web portfolio that I probably should be. I don’t have any outside URLs I can point to anymore; the last visible web site I did for a client that’s still my work is broken, and it didn’t do anything very spiffy anyway. I’m plodding through my Ruby on Rails book but know I should really be sitting down with a notepad (of the physical kind, not the computer analogue) and doodling out ideas.

This doesn’t mean I’ve been a complete café bum today, however—I did send out writing samples to a recruiter who’s trying to get me into a contract position with a Big Name Company™ at a more-than-respectable pay rate. As I previously wrote, a high wage contract would be a swell thing on many levels, so I really shouldn’t let ones that get dangled in front of me go by without investigation.

I’m just about finished with a glass of my most recent mai-tai tweak, which is pretty good—two ounces of aged rum, and a half-ounce each of orange curacao, orgeat syrup, fresh lime juice, and lemon-infused sugar syrup. Dinner? Either simple pasta and jarred sauce or a frozen entree; I’m not feeling very ambitious, not even enough to make my own pasta sauce, given both the hour and the pretty good store-bought marinara I already have.

The rest of the evening will probably consist of goofing around/talking online and reading more of the Rails book. Life may currently be income-free, but it’s not all bad, definitely.

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