Watts (chipotle) wrote,

It's been a quiet week here in Lake Wobegon--

--wait, that's not me. Anyway, it has been a quiet week, admittedly made quieter by me blowing off work I need to do. I have trouble tickets to attend to at the office. I have a chapter to rework on the novel. And I have resumés to prepare.

I think I'm still having trouble fully convincing myself that I should be sending out resumés to wild longshots. After all, when I have in the past, I've only heard back on one of them--and that was in the midst of the dot.com boom when companies were willing to relocate you halfway around the world if you knew what "HTML" stood for. There's a winery in Tecemula, California, with a publishing/writing position open; I've had the information since Monday and I should have had something in the mail by now. There's all sorts of reasons why they'd reject me out of hand and when I say "in the mail" I mean it--they don't provide an email contact. So the two propositions that come to mind are:

  1. Don't bother cracking open the good stationery for something that's so wild that you're not likely to even get a callback, and that probably not only won't pay relocation but'll try to pay you at half the salary you're making.
  2. Don't just give it a shot, give it an appropriately wild shot: do up a mockup of a new newsletter page for them and enclose it with the resumé and cover letter.

And all this on Easter weekend, of course. On the flip side, tomorrow is the local gaming night, and it's a game that I'm not playing--so I won't be out socializing. As my old standby line goes: "we'll see what happens."

The non-quiet moment this week came when I was having a bad morning and snapped at a friend who's always bitching online about his work. He hasn't been back online--at least on the private local MUCK that the group here hangs out on--since. Yay. There's a part of me that stubbornly insists I had a point, which wasn't the "you shouldn't complain about work, we don't care" he inevitably took it as but was rather "good lord, just get in, make your complaint and get out instead of expounding on it." The other part of me thinks the first part is being damn hypocritical. Even if I do try to be succinct as I can when I complain about work, I'm still complaining about work, and I have no way of knowing if friends aren't silently thinking "yeah, we know about this already, shut up."

Of course, as another example of Non-Mainstream Ways Chipotle Thinks, after I realized (albeit too late to hold my tongue initially) that I was being crabby, I said online that maybe I was just being too irascible so I should leave, and I did. For a few hours. I don't usually need a long cooling-off period. My friend--well, like I said, I haven't seen him since then.
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