Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Transit update

I've made it to the con hotel, after a day of flying. Midwest Express is as good an airline as its reputation says it is; a flight with their "Signature Service" -- like the second flight, from Kansas City to Pittsburgh -- is pretty fabulous. First class seats at coach prices.

The shuttle driver from the airport knew about Anthrocon. It seems everyone knows about Anthrocon. I'm not sure whether this is encouraging or frightening.

The Westin Convention Center Hotel so far has been the letdown of the trip: the room I have has two twin beds. I haven't seen anything that tiny in years. The free wifi appears completely broken, for reasons I haven't been able to debug yet. (I've noticed that when it thinks I'm trying to use the "premium" $6/day wifi, or if it has cookies left over from hooking up the $10/day ethernet cable [but not paying for it], the hotel intranet sections I can reach suddenly become surprisingly snappy. I hate to sound like I think they're making the free service deliberately suck ass to make you break and buy the premium service, but,well.) I'm online right now because someone in a nearby room has an open wifi network that works.

On the mildly bright side, the convention center area appears full of little restaurants, even in the hotel itself, and -- assuming I can get online -- I'll research more. The Pittsburgh skyline coming into the city over the river was surprisingly pretty, and what little I've made out of the downtown area so far has looked nice. We'll see.
Tags: furry, travel

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