Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Quick work update

After a bit of negotiation between my prospective director and the HR department of the company, I was able to start work today, even without my birth certificate in hand.

I’ll attempt to write more later—it’s already past the time I should have been asleep, given that I’m likely to keep to the 8am–5pm hours for the time being. I may push it ahead a half-hour, depending, although the fellow I’m replacing actually works an hour earlier than that. I expected to write up a “report” earlier today, but as things worked out, I didn’t get home until nearly 8pm: my car battery was dying, and I had to drive to Sears for a new one. The commute in took just under 40 minutes, but the commute home took just over an hour, so I didn’t get to the shop until after six. (I may also be looking for non-freeway routes home, just to see if I can get one that’s faster!)

As a postscript, my birth certificate actually did arrive today, so the paperwork should move forward more officially.

Now, sleep.

Tags: work

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