Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Off on the road

I’m heading out on a modest—although still hopefully multi-day—road trip down south. The length of the trip is contingent in part on getting my birth certificate delivery straightened out. No, not for the travel, but for the job: it’s required to start work, and it seems neither I nor my mother can find the original certified copy that we’ve shared between us. I’ve faxed an order to a private birth certificate expediting company, and am trying to check to make sure the order actually got there before I leave. Even with this, there’s no guarantee it’s going to get to me before I need it on the 17th, as it sounds like the processing time of “4 to 6 business days” applies even with rush orders. (The “rush” just means they push it to the top of the list, apparently.)

“Down south” in this case is probably toward San Bernardino, to explore some of the desert areas nearby but still have a home base in relative suburbia. Assuming this does indeed become an overnight, I’ll likely be staying in a motel that provides internet, so I’m sure I’ll be back on. And those of you who have my IM and cell phone info, well, you can get in touch with me pretty easily, can’t you?


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