Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Desert wildflowers

I’m at the Panera in Gilroy again. My vague plan is to work on… well, I’m not entirely sure. A story idea I’ve had kicking around for a while, at the very least. Maybe some of the ideas for online things, too. I’m still in the state where I have so much I’m trying to juggle in my mind that I’m not focusing enough to get any of them done. I’m going through job listings, but my heart—or perhaps just my head—isn’t in the right place for this right now.

I’d mentioned to a few people yesterday about my desire to go down to the Mojave or Death Valley, but the weather even there—at least in Barstow, one of the closest towns—isn’t that good today. And, I realize that even under the best of circumstances, between gas, food and motel, an overnight there is likely to run $250–300. (I might try sleeping in my car, but that’s not something it accommodates gracefully.) Even so, April’s probably the month to do this in if I’m going to do it, and I’ve been thinking I should since I’ve been out here. In theory, this is the time the deserts bloom; I don’t know what the rains this year are likely to do to that. There may be a terrific display, or all the seeds may have been washed away. But even without a wildflower show, it’s been a long time since I’ve been to the deserts. jadedfox asked if this was a coyote pilgrimage. Maybe. I’ve grown more attracted to the Pacific Northwest since the week I spent in New Mexico; it’d be good to get a new, more recent image of the southwest again. Which would really suggest I should drive on into Arizona, of course, and make this a trip more like the one I took to Portland shortly before I got the last big contract job.

I’d like to think that means that if I take another several-day-long vacation, great things will happen shortly after, but I suspect you can’t force karma that way. You have to take the vacation for its own sake, on its own terms.

Anyway, I suspect it’s time to refill my coffee (don’t look at me that way, it’ll only be the second cup and they’re small mugs) and to pull out the notes I’ve been working on, maybe alternate between them and some web and ESM stuff I have in mind. I’m trying to get my muse back in the habit of working; waiting around for inspiration is always a perilous notion, and I have very little excuse not to be trying to write several hours a day for the time being.

Oh. As a related side note: My apparently annual realization that being online all the time is not conducive to concentration is upon me. I just ask that when I am on IM, you respect whatever I’ve set the status message to. If it’s set to Busy but checking in, IMing me with “*poke*” when I don’t respond quickly is not helpful!

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