Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Rainy day at home

So it’s ten minutes past 11 am here. This morning I’ve

  • made coffee (Caramel Vanilla Nut, in the Keurig)
  • renewed my resume on Monster
  • renewed my resume on Dice
  • checked new job listings on those sites (nothing useful)
  • redid my Craiglist resume and reposted it

Job hunting in this field is kind of surreal, isn’t it?

Craigslist has a quirk in that it will let you enter HTML, but it will still wrap things in paragraph tags and add line breaks and generally muck with your HTML unless you put everything all on one line. BBEdit actually has a command to do that. There weren’t any new positions worth applying to on CL, either, though.

I’m again running into my own quirk: I don’t really have a portfolio I can show people. I have a few writing samples, I have a few HTML pages, but there’s a lot of stuff I’ve done that’s pretty much in the category of “here’s my resume, trust me.” For technical writing I can get away with this to some degree; for web development it’s harder. I’m not sure whether having one uber-spiffy web site down the road will make up for that or not. (Of course, I’m not sure whether I’ll have such a web site any time soon.)

It was a good weekend; I drove out and around the Bay area for almost all of Saturday, even ending up on the outskirts of Sacramento. I got to visit the quasi-legendary Mike’s Burgers in Cotati for lunch, wandered through various parts of Sonoma County, and ended up in Fairfield, of all places, for dinner. Sunday I spent almost entirely at the house puttering around on things, online and off. I did make that beef stew on Thursday as threatened, and I have three portions frozen now.

What’s on the agenda for today? I have more leftovers to dump out of the refrigerator and vague thoughts about making something Mexican, or just doing a pasta sauce, for which I have almost all the ingredients I’d need already—although I’ll have to go out and get mushrooms. Or maybe green peppers and sausage, or something. This is not a good day to go out, though; it’s raining fairly hard out there. It’s a good day to be in with more coffee, possibly reheating beef stew, maybe catching up on TV, maybe (gasp) actually getting back to fiction reading, something I’ve done shamefully little of the last, well, couple of years. Which may be in part why I’ve done so little fiction writing the last couple of years, too.

Tags: coffee, food, road, work

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