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Picking back up

I’ve finished updating my résumé, and put versions of it on Monster.com and Dice.com. Craigslist will be coming this weekend, I suspect. I’ve actually already sent it to one job—one at my current employer.

Spending a few days in a funk over this was, I suppose, inevitable; I was starting to think of the position as permanent, and of course it was never intended to be. (Not that a permanent position these days is particularly permanent.) By Friday, though, something clicked and I thought, Okay, enough wallowing, time to move on.

I’m going to be trying to get my personal projects in order during whatever downtime I’m stuck with; at least one of them would, if it comes together, re-energize my possibilities for web development work. Actually, even the ESM web site will go a bit toward that direction, as I’m getting some experience with the PEAR DB system for PHP, and some experience with PHP’s odd OOP system along the way. I have both computer programming projects and writing projects I’ve been considering, both fiction and non-fiction. Were I only able to get the same salary and benefits to work on these full-time…

And, I’ll make a gentle request of my readers: if you’re working at a place that’s looking for technical writers, or possibly “LAMP” style web developers (my experience is mostly with FreeBSD and Mac OS X, not Linux, but it’s easily transferable), please do consider passing along my résumé—or passing me your company’s contact info, along with permission to use you as a “so-and-so pointed me to…” reference. Obviously, I’m primarily looking for work in the Silicon Valley area, although I’m open to the idea of relocation to some areas—notably Seattle, Portland (Oregon) and possibly even back to Orlando or Tampa—if the employer is open to the idea of interviewing an out-of-area candidate.

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