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Chapter 4 of In Our Image has been like pulling teeth. Long ago when I was writing "The Lighthouse" I hit a scene that took months to get through--it only worked when I abandoned it entirely. The problem, evidently, was that the scene didn't happen. Maybe I need to rethink what's going on in this chapter entirely.

Last night a friend and I ate at "Chillada's," a (fairly) new taqueria that opened up a couple miles from my apartment. Pretty good--and it's nice to see more taquerias opening in the area.

Intermedia, the place I used to work at, just announced more layoffs--part of layoffs across the board at WorldCom this time. The scuttlebutt is that virtually all their Tampa operations will be gone by the end of the year. I wonder whether I'll still be at NetPoodles come December. For all my protesting, it does look like I'm going to be there until something really drastic happens, doesn't it?

I've bumbled into yet another online personality test--this one a career-matching one, for a fee. (You get a "free sample" which is just to one side of completely useless. I'm tempted, but can't shake that "haven't I been here before?" feeling. If I'm told "you'd be good as a computer programmer," well, thanks for the newsflash. If I'm told I really seem to fit a career that requires training I don't have, what do I do with the information? "Get the training" is an obvious answer, but as the cliché goes, it's easier said than done.

Decision for the day, then:

  1. Pay a little bit for the information and see what career counselors would be likely to tell me at this stage in my life.
  2. Follow the old TRS-80 programming maxim, "Never check for an error condition you can't handle."

Actually, it's probably a decision for the evening. I dropped into bed for a nap (ha!) at 9:30 yesterday night and woke up again at 6:30 this morning, and I've been sitting here poking around until almost 10:00 a.m. I feel like I should have been out of the apartment doing something over an hour ago. My apartment lease is up at the end of May, and I'm seriously considering moving--although that's another implicit dilemma, of course: I won't feel comfortable moving (or indeed signing any lease, even a new one here) unless I hear something about NetPoodles getting more money. Or unless I get a new job by the end of April, of course.

So off to... somewhere.

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