Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Guilty Pleasures meme

I wasn’t quite sure how to go about this, because I apparently have disappointingly few really guilty pleasures. But both shaterri and ladyperegrine tagged me for this, so…

1950s Americana food: meat loaf, casseroles, the ambrosia salad I mentioned in my last entry. When I’m feeling creative I try to play around with reconstructions and variations that would not scare off people who, say, run from the mention of “meat loaf.”
Years ago I read a fair amount of series fantasy and science fiction, but it stopped being a pleasure; a lot of sf/fantasy writing is pedestrian and series tend to concentrate the worst aspects. I did just read _The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency_ and may read more in that series, though (mystery, not sci-fi).
Again, over the last few years I’ve been getting away from TV that makes me feel vaguely guilty for watching it. Of course, thanks to my housemates I’ve been watching a lot of the “Adult Swim” shows, which often make me feel vaguely like washing after watching. Does that count?
Country. Sometimes even the Nashville pop stuff like Jamie O’Neal and Terri Clark, although it’s more likely to be “alt country” like James McMurtry, Kelly Willis or Cross Canadian Ragweed. I have XM’s alt country station set as a preset. (Gasp!)
Nobody currently comes to mind as a celebrity I’m interested in/have a crush on. Many years ago I had a crush on Darryl Hannah.

I’m not sure who I can actually tag who hasn’t done this already. Hm. jadedfox, dracosphynx and… anyone else who’s interested in spite of themselves.


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