Watts (chipotle) wrote,

The weekend

It’s been an unproductive but relaxing weekend, in classic wandering-coyote fashion. Yesterday I drove around part of the East Bay, driving to—and briefly stopping in—the Morgan Territory park and, later, Black Diamond Mines park near Antioch. I got a few pictures, but I haven’t checked them to see if they’re any good yet; I only got a little hiking done, as Black Diamond was overrun with Cub Scouts, and I really don’t enjoy wandering nature trails when there’s a lot of conversation from other hikers all around me.

As seems usual for me, there was a stop in the Panera at Antioch, too. I can’t help it. From there, it was a drive down to Dublin to the Red Tractor Cafe, a place I’ve been meaning to get to—it’s the last remaining branch of a failed regional chain of midwestern farm food restaurants. Pretty good for what it is (which I’d describe as “Boston Market, done better”).

Today I woke up relatively early and headed up Skyline Boulevard (Route 35, through the Santa Cruz Mountains) to Burlingame, where I wandered around their almost alarmingly quaint downtown area for a while and then went to lunch at Steelhead Brewery, which I’ve decided may be one of the best brewpubs I’ve been to. Not the cheapest, mind you, but the beer I tried (a cask-conditioned “Anniversary Ale”) was great—as was the root beer—and while the Rueben I got was hardly haute cuisine, it was one of the best variations on it I’ve had, with housemade sauerkraut and a sweet-spicy beer mustard. I need to get my root beer drinkin’ friends up there sometime, as it’s the only brewpub I’ve been to that has two house-brewed root beers.

I’ve been working on the Excursion Society’s web site, now that the central area is almost complete; the main thing left to do is to make the character request system work. I’m considering something a little more ambitious than Bandari’s system, to have the character registration form enter something in a database and let wizards log on to an “admin page” and review it, adding notes and approving it if appropriate (with the web site actually generating the character on the MUCK). I’m working in PHP, which feels very retro after dabbling with Ruby on Rails, but I’m not comfortable enough in Rails yet—and also don’t feel like trying to force dracosphynx to set up his machine for Rails, which is comparatively non-trivial.

Now, it’s time to think about dinner. After I got back from lunch I unexcitingly napped, and while tugrik and revar were around watching the Superbowl earlier, I think they’ve headed out on their own. It’s remarkable at times how much we don’t connect on little things like this, but we’ve evolved rather different schedules.

Tags: food, mucks, programming, travel

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