Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Idle updates

I’ve worked on ESM some more, finally adding the missing claim program that will let people set their homes in the guest house. This means that, while it’s not yet ready for prime-time, I can start quietly ferrying people over there soon. There’s still work to be done, from the somewhat broken weather system to the transit system, but I can’t get other people actually building adventuring areas unless they’re over there. I must reach the point where I am not the blocking input!

I’d intended to write about the weekend, particularly the Saturday spent with dracosphynx and Mirage, but let time slip away from me. We went to the Bittersweet Cafe, a chocolate shop that’s something like a coffee bar but for hot chocolate, and later ended up at Oliveto for dinner. Both were wonderful places, and Oliveto is certainly the best Italian restaurant I’ve been to. Between this and the previous expedition to the Chabot Science Center, I can definitively say there is, indeed, a there in Oakland.

So what have I been doing other than work and ESM? Hard to say, but I appear to be working on a new story. I don’t know yet, as I haven’t found the story for it—I just have a setting percolating, which connects back with an earlier setting I never fully developed, and a character in mind who’s as yet a mystery. It’s hard science fiction, which is unusual for me, and while it has what fans would call furries, they’re a bit of a slant on the idea. The setting is just brimming with, to borrow a phrase, sociopolitical ramifications. I’ll see if this goes anywhere. I’d really like to corral my muse into working on a serious piece again; it’s been… well, we’ll just say far too long, and leave it at that.

I haven’t really been preparing much for the convention, and I know some readers tend to have allergic reactions to people writing excessively about cons. So. Some of you I’ll see tomorrow or the next day, and some of you I won’t. For those of you who’ll be there, I may sitting in the bar working on bleeping story notes.

Tags: furry, writing

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