Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Con ahoy

I’m seeing a flurry of “how to spot me at Further Confusion!” posts in my friends list on LiveJournal, and references to other posts that yet other people are writing.

I’ll be there at random points, tentatively:

Day  Chance of Coyote
ThuShort evening appearance
SatAll day
SunMost of the day
MonEvening, maybe

As most of you know I live in the area, and I haven’t taken any time off from work. I may see if I can knock off early on Friday, but we’ll see.

How to spot me, you ask? Oddly enough, I’ll have a badge that says Watts on it. I may have another badge that says “Chipotle.” And when I’m not wandering the dealers’ room or visiting a panel (as usual, I’m not on any this year), I’ll have a PowerBook and be sitting in the bar, seeing if people wander by in friendly fashion.

Tags: furry

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