Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Holiday wrap-up

The dinner with ladyperegrine and hellesfarne, which also included Mirage at the last minute, was wonderful, as was the company.

Christmas day itself was quiet but nice. hellesfarne came up again during the day, after the gifts had been exchanged. My big gift was a set of Cuisinart pots and pans to my mom, to replace the battered Teflon-flaking and glass-chipping ad hoc set she's accumulated over the years.

The day after Christmas was hectic, as I flew back to San Jose. And, here it is the day after that, and I'm back at work, on what I imagine will be a rather light work week.

I'm feeling a bit of renewed energy. Possibly that's just from having nine consecutive days off. I think, though, it's from trying to get myself a little more organized. At this point I'm so far behind that I have to have a plan of action to get to a point where I can start making better plans, but just taking steps to start throwing crap out of my room and thinking about how to organize the living space I have. I either have too much stuff, or not enough boxes to put stuff in. (A visit to the Container Store may be in my near future.)
Tags: life, travel

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