Watts (chipotle) wrote,

That which should not be isn't bad

I am having a cup of… well, I won’t call it one of the most popular flavored K-cup coffees, particularly since you won’t learn about it from Keurig, but it’s one that seems to have a fanatic following among those who’ve tried it: Green Mountain’s Wild Mountain Blueberry.

Yes, blueberry coffee.

The disturbing thing is that… well… it’s actually pretty good. A little bit of turbinado sugar to bring out the sweetness (I’ve found every flavored coffee seems to need this), and it’s a fine dessert drink. While I can only presume it’s artificial, it nails the flavor quite well—even down to a bit of a bite I associate only with fresh berries—and against all odds, it tastes good in coffee. And it’s even fair trade.

Although it makes me wish I had some lemon pound cake to have with it.

Tags: coffee

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