Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Goodness, I'm stupid.

So when TextDrive, the hosting service that Claw & Quill is languishing at, was starting up, they ran what they called the “VC 200,” a lifetime hosting deal. (The idea is that by selling 200 slots, that would be the equivalent of venture capital funding to start up.) Every once in a blue moon they’ve run another one for a special occasion. Now, they’re running a special semi-hidden deal after their merger with Joyent.

So, after much waffling—much of it the same waffling I’d done before every previous plan—I signed up.

Because, y’know, between gifts, 100,000-mile car maintenance and cross-country plane tickets, December just isn’t expensive enough yet.

The deal gives me 2G storage, 10G/month bandwidth, and up to 10 domains. There are certainly hosts out there that appear to give you much more for much less—enough to make me wince when I check some of them out, honestly—but TxD has a solid reputation when it comes to hosting and supporting complicated web sites. (TxD’s specs are so “low” because unlike most hosts, they don’t oversubscribe.) They’ve lately been getting some flak for down time, but they seem to be working on revamping their infrastructure to address that—from what I can gather, they grew much faster than expected, and have had unexpected stability problems with FreeBSD 5.4. (They seem to currently be bouncing around the relative merits of Novell Linux, FreeBSD 6.0 and Solaris.)

Of course, the thing is, now I need a complicated web site or ten to host there. I can’t host the impending MUCK there, since they don’t allow game servers. (I do have plans for C&Q in 2006, although that’s going to be the topic of a future message.) Anyone have any suggestions?

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