Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Early this morning I forwarded a resume to Nintendo, for a position I could certainly do and would probably even enjoy doing. I've read in multiple places that resumes are actually the worst way to go about getting jobs, particularly at larger employers where HR groups see their proper role as throwing out as many applicants as they can before forwarding them to the proper authority. Your goal, so it's said, should be to find that "proper authority"--that is, the boss actually looking to hire someone--and talk to him or her directly, and then (after talking) get a resume to them directly.

Of course, doing that is easier said than done. Particularly if you're trying to get into a field you don't know many people in--and don't know any local people in. And, actually, the technical writers I know seem to be in flux with respect to their positions currently, which may not bode well.

So, it was a resume, again. I'm trying to find ways to take advantage of my non-professional experience. I'm trying to get into writing positions--the resume should be an example of my writing, too, right?

I have some other positions I've been waffling about applying for, which are approaching the point of reckoning. I don't know if I can get a federal job without a degree, and at least one of the more interesting positions that came to my attention is interesting work in an interesting place, yet an interesting isolated place for a 40% pay cut. I don't think I can afford that.

I've written a bit more on In Our Image but work is still crawling. Time to renew my resolve to get up early in the mornings; the alarm clock still goes off at 6:00 a.m. but I lie there for (far) too long afterward. The annoying thing is the realization that I should be trying to get up earlier than that if I really want 60-90 minutes to write in; it takes me about a half hour to really get myself together for work, and the commute in is 40-50 minutes.

Trying to write in the evenings only seems to work if I go out to a cafe and sit around with a cup of coffee; I suspect it's the relative lack of distraction, which I can also easily find in mornings. Evenings at home are spent relaxing after work and cooking dinner. (Or at least reheating it--the past couple of evenings I've had leftover pot roast made on Saturday.) It's quite possible that if I forced myself to ignore those "distractions"--online roleplaying and television, most notably--evenings would be more productive. If I'm really in the middle of writing a scene, I can do that; if I'm tired and feeling uncreative, though, sitting and staring at the word processor leaves me desperately seeking out other distractions within five minutes. (At the cafe, the other distraction is "refilling my coffee," which isn't very entertaining, either. This is probably why I manage to at least get a few paragraphs done on cafe visits.)

Speaking of cafe visits, I have one this evening--for the novel writing group. This will be their first set of comments on my stuff, so I'll see how useful it turns out to be. I forgot to actually bring a printout of my own writing with me (d'oh), so either I'll print it out before I leave work today or I'll just follow along on Peroxide. This day will put me slightly over my food budget, which took a major hit with dinner at Samurai Blue on Sunday--ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch the next couple of days, at least if I remember.

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