Watts (chipotle) wrote,

This morning I made a sandwich for lunch and left it at home, along with my glasses. It was a good reminder in a way of just why I need glasses--I wasn't particularly impaired, but my eyes were straining just a touch all day.

For lunch I wanted spicy Cajun food, but other than Popeye's Chicken there's not much of that around in the area for quick lunch. Being Tampa, though, there's always Cuban food. I found a cafeteria called Pipo's--pretty good, although so far nothing's beaten La Teresita, a lunch counter in the Cuban section of town (on Columbus, for locals). As usual, only plantains instead of tostones (both of them being fried green bananas, but tostones are crispy chips and sweet in the way of vegetables, whereas plantains are carmelized and gooey-sweet), but the roast pork was great. But no cafe con leche. Isn't a Cuban restaurant with no cafe con leche at least a venial sin?

On the writing front, my muse appears to be on a short vacation. Nothing new on In Our Image. I have vague ideas for a new short story I want to put in the collection--I'm trying to keep all the Ranea stories out of it (they could be their own collection, after all!) and to not include ones that are readily available on the internet (i.e., linked from my website), but that's leaving me a little short in the word count. While I'm not running on an official deadline, I really should see if I could get the stories and a tentative introduction to Tim Susman in a month or so, and start futzing around with layout ideas while he does editing. And I have to contact possible cover artists. At this point I'm not expecting to ask for interior illustrations, although I'll have to think on that.

Beyond that, I have a few other somewhat crazy places to send resumes--I need to get back into that habit....

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