Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Not a con report

Yes, Anthrocon was good, I had a fun time. I saw just about everyone I wanted to see although I didn’t get a chance to speak to everyone. (Other than the “Oh, it’s you! Hi!” kind of conversation.) As usual, I bought very little. I had a couple theoretically authentic cheesesteaks. I was reminded of what I don’t like about Florida summers, even though I wasn’t in Florida. I discovered that many people still don’t know I have a book out from Sofawolf. I again participated in the “Iron Author” contest as a judge, and read some of the most (deliberately) eye-bleeding furry stories ever committed—and I use that word advisedly—to paper.

I’m trying to look at an ongoing conflict with a friend or two as a learning experience, a attempt to put Zen-like ideas of detachment and letting go into better practice than I usually do. That’s not about being emotionless and letting go of friends, it’s about letting go of expectations, setting aside anger. I think I can honestly say that there’s no one right now I’m angry with. After explaining what I believe, what I felt, why I chose the actions I did, and what my regrets are, I’m not going to do any good by belaboring my point of view in the hopes it will be acknowledged by those I’m in conflict with.

While it’s been hinted at in the BandariMUCK community journal, I’m starting to plan a successor MUCK to Bandari which retains the pulp adventure setting but changes other aspects with an eye toward increasing its potential audience, learning from various pitalls we found (or created!) on Bandari as well as from “right things” on other MUCKs. One of the more interesting things I’m seriously thinking about is adapting the “issue tracking” system from Here Lies Monsters, in which MUCK management is basically conducted through a web-based trouble ticket system.

Now, though, it’s somewhat past time to dig through office email and see what projects I need to get back to. The overall project I’m working on here is moving from the building phase into the support phase, and there’s an open question as to how long my contract will last, although I’m mildly optimistic they’ll bring me back for another project even if my part on this one winds down. (I’ll confess that a few weeks off to drive around doing what tugrik and revar are doing sounds like a capital idea, although I know from recent experience that the “vacation” of being unemployed wears thin quickly.)

Tags: furry, mucks, travel

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