Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Okay, I suck

...for I have taken a stupid poll linked from LiveJournal, specifically the "What D&D Character Are You?" poll. According to it, I am a neutral good half-elf bard ranger.

Which sounds good, one supposes. The ex-analyst in me can't help but notice a flaw in the quiz, though, revealed in the thoughtful inclusion of detailed results at the end of the results page that show you your scores. The flaw is that if you have a tie in a category, it always chooses the first one on its list. For instance, it lists the races in the order human, half-elf, elf, halfling, dwarf. I have a score of 2 in "half-elf" and "halfing"; since half-elf is first, that's what I am. Likewise, I'm tied for "neutral good" and "lawful neutral," so I'm neutral good because in the program's logic, the goods come first, then the neutrals and then the evils.

And indeed, I noticed that most of my friends have very similar results to mine. It's probably very difficult to get a non-good alignment (much less an evil one), and difficult to get something other than an elf or half-elf, if my suspicion that the scoring is biased against boring old humans is correct. The classes may be less subject to bias by virtue of being more obviously varied (it's easy to pose questions that separate the thieves from the clerics, but not the elves from the half-elves).

Okay, really I suck because I'm an ex-analyst. Someone hit me before I take the quiz's Javascript and analyze the possible result distributions in a spreadsheet.
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