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The notorious song meme

So, I was tagged by the “list your six current favorite songs” meme and, okay, I’ll see if I can play along. I’ll actually try and explain why, at least when I know myself.

“Don’t Answer Me,” Alan Parsons Project
I recently picked up the 2-CD Definitive Collection from this band, which used to be one of my favorites. This isn’t my favorite APP song (which is probably “La Sagrada Familia”), but it’s one of the most beautiful pop songs ever.
“Duck and Cover,” Glen Phillips
Proving that I sometimes listen to new music, this is a new solo album from the former lead singer of Toad the Wet Sprocket. I first heard this song a month or two ago when it seemed I was stressed from having so many people around me stressed, and it helped reground me in an outlook I’d lost sight of. (All of the people who are stressed around me need to listen to this, too.)
“Ever Dream,” Nightwish
There are a whole lot of Nightwish songs I could put here, and some are arguably better songs, but this is the one I’m most likely to hit “repeat” on currently. I don’t like most metal bands (really, the last hard rock band I got into was Sisters of Mercy), but this is one I make an exception for. (And yes, alinsa, I know they’re progressive metal and it’s different. Of course, Alan Parsons Project was pretty much progressive pop, and further on down this list is progressive country.)
“Good Girls Go To Heaven,” Pandora’s Box
Yes, you may have heard this in the Meat Loaf version, but with the possible exception of rancourt you probably haven’t heard the original. It’s a lot better, sounding a lot more like his work on “Streets of Fire” than his work with Meat. Like nearly all songs from Jim Steinman, it’s glorious cheese, just as the name would imply.
“Making Love (Out Of Nothing At All),” Bonnie Tyler
Forgive me. I hate the Air Supply version of this song, also by Steinman. Steinman also wrote Tyler’s big hit, “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” and if anyone else tries to sing “Eclipse” it’s a miserable failure. See, the lyrics are utter nonsense and the only reason the song works is that Bonnie Tyler could be reading a fucking Pizza Hut flyer and make it sound emotionally ravaged. This is like that, but even more so.
“You Dance,” Eastmountainsouth
The threatened progressive country. Actually, this song could get airplay on non-country stations, if the stations weren’t wussy; it’s got a hint of country twang to it, but it manages to sound simultaneously acoustic and techno. It’s a happy bouncy song, and unlike the happy bouncy Steinman song (“Good Girls”), isn’t embarrassing to admit to!

And, I know I’m supposed to tag other people with this. Grumble. But, I’d be curious to see responses from…

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