Watts (chipotle) wrote,

San Diego

So, I'm here. It's actually been a good day, although at the moment I'm very headachy and kind of pissy due to pain. (I also don't seem to quite be able to convince mom that "give me a few minutes of quiet time, please" carries the implication of do not keep talking back to the television in a way that makes it seem you are expecting your son to respond.)

I got up just before 4:00 am (!) to get to the light rail station and take it to the airport. I didn't actually find the special long-term parking lot that's supposedly there, and finally gave up and just parked where I could. Then, off to the airport to stumble along.

I hadn't realized how military San Diego is--it's the sort of thing you know abstractly, but it takes parking next to the USS Midway to make it fully sink in. We haven't done much "touristy stuff" yet other than taking a trolley tour, which was, well, exceptionally touristy. We have a few museums to go to and areas to explore. San Diego seems to have done a pretty good job of keeping historic areas around without turning all of them into tourist traps. Many of them, but not all of them.

So where did you go for dinner, you might ask? Glad you asked. It was Arterra, a restaurant about 15 miles north of here in Del Mar. An entree of Kobe ribeye and braised short ribs in a red wine reduction, a dessert of a caramelized banana tiramisu. It was one of the best meals I've had in quite some time--possibly the best beef I've had, period--and, well, also one of the most expensive. After fish and chips at Anthony's, something of a local institution here (so I've gathered), and paying for the tourist trolley, I think we're going to McDonald's for dinner tomorrow. But, I'd definitely recommend Arterra to anyone with a high credit limit.

Tomorrow we have a Sunday brunch at Bali Hai, because, hey, why not have champagne in a tiki temple. Beyond that, we don't have anything else planned.

Now, I get ready for bed.
Tags: food, travel

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