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I may be scarce online over the next n days. Those of you who’ve talked to me recently know I’ve been in a particularly heavy funk over the last week or so. While being online helps that in some ways through the support of friends, it’s also a way to avoid focusing on, well, offline things that I need to get done.

When I’m thinking clearly, I remember that the way I usually come out of these mild depressive states is to start making myself feel productive again. The Ruby LiveJournal client (which, yes, I’m using now) helped with that, but I’m realizing that at this particular point it’s also a distraction from the more chorelike things I need to attend to. I need to stop finding ways to be distracted.

I’m sure I won’t be offline completely–I’ll be on AIM on occasion, thanks to the evil of the Sidekick. And, I’ll probably be checking in on Bandari. In fact, one or two things I need to do relate to it, although at a lower priority than things like resurrecting Claw & Quill (and, yes, Peregrine, I’m going to get back to you, I promise). More prosaic things relate to figuring out my medical plan while I have one, and arranging to get my slightly ailing car looked at while it still has a medical plan, er, extended warranty.

And, ailing car or not, I think I should drive somewhere to hike a little this weekend. It’s been way too long.


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