Watts (chipotle) wrote,


In a rush of, uh, things rushing, Monday I registered my LiveJournal client as a project with RubyForge, and last night I checked it into CVS there. Shortly I’ll make the version 0.9 release available at its project page.

No actual web page available for the project yet, but I suspect the project’s already ahead of 90% of its SourceForge-esque companions in having started its release in beta stage. I did some testing with the client on Windows 2000 today and, to my faint surprise, it worked perfectly on its first try. (I’ve included an ljpost.cmd file that seems to be necessary to let it accept standard input when called from something like NT XEmacs.)

Right now it's developed a strange problem which only shows up on the real server, but not on the test server. But, that's tonight's debugging...

Tags: programming

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