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Updates about not updating

I’m not too good about updating this thing these days, am I? Granted, I was never of the “daily diarist” sort, but I recall managing a couple updates a week most seasons.

Earlier this week I decided that I wanted to have Cuban food and that the best way to do this was to try and make some myself, so I ended up marinating a pork roast in a homemade mojito sauce and roasting it, along with making some rice and black beans. It all came out pretty well. The next day’s challenge was making a credible Cuban sandwich, which requires Cuban-style roast pork. Most Tampa natives would find it heretical to suggest that the pork’s more important than the Cuban bread (which is apparently only found in South Florida—bread in Cuba isn’t the same kind of loaf!), but it’s true. Really. Lunardi’s “sandwich rolls” turned out to be surprisingly similar to good Cuban bread.

Beyond that, I’ve been suffering from the longest stretch of damn I’m unmotivated that I can recall having in a while. From talking to other people I know, this seems to be going around. As we move into spring and summer here, perhaps this will change for me, although right now I’m motivated to go outside and play in the sun. (I’m actually motivated to go up to Napa while the Mustard Festival is still happening, but I probably should have already left if I was going to do that.) This goes back to the problem I mentioned about being ready to get cracking on personal projects by the the third day of the weekend.

I can’t blame this on work being particularly stressful. It hasn’t been. It’s had its moments of exasperation like all jobs, but for the most part things have been going pretty smoothly.

At any rate, I have to get some laundry going, get showered and then attempt to go out and do something, even if I’m not quite sure what. Maybe bring the laptop with me so I can pretend to work on one of those personal projects…

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