Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Well, that didn't work.

I went to bed last night at a pretty reasonable time--one might say positively early, just a little past 11pm, and set my alarm clock for 6am. I figured I might manage to get myself out of bed a half-hour after that and have a good 60-90 minutes before getting out of the house.

So, of course, I spent nearly two hours hitting the snooze button.

I'd try to blame it on the cloudy, rainy weather outside and the lack of sunshine coming in to help the alarm clock, but I'm pretty sure I was still managing to get rest through that time. I had snatches of strange "dreamlets" in those nine-minute periods. It's the state of consciousness where I'm most likely to talk to characters of mine and get unexpected things back.

As I have before, I have a nebulous idea of "getting things done" in the morning. On Sunday evening, maybe I'll try and fall asleep thinking about a specific thing to get done, so if I set my alarm clock this early again, I'll wake up remembering just why.

On the bright side, I do feel like I've slept better than usual...
Tags: dreams, lifehacks

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