Watts (chipotle) wrote,

The after-con vacation?

Yes, I know it’s highly suspect to talk about going on a vacation in a post immediately following a post lamenting finances. That previous post was, in fact, spurred by my dithering about whether to keep a hotel reservation after I made it.

The hotel reservation isn’t far away—it’s in Berkeley, at the hotel that an all-day photography seminar, the Nikon School, is at on Sunday. (Despite the name, I’m given to understand that it isn’t about Nikon photography, but photography in general.) I already have paid-for tickets to that.

And it’s not as if Berkeley would be too far away to drive to on Sunday morning, I realize. I just feel like a bit of coyote-esque exploration and solitude would do me good. For me, this is a useful thing every few months; after the trip to Portland at the beginning of September, I haven’t gone anywhere else out here alone except for an occasional afternoon trip on the hunt for coffee shops.

“Solitude” may be the wrong word, since it’s not as if I’m going to be off in the wilderness away from the rest of humanity. (Granted, I don’t think I’ll be hanging out in downtown Berkeley this time through.) But it’s something close—a couple days just off bumming around doing whatever comes to mind.

Well, as long as what comes to mind is cheap. I’m not going to trifle with my finances that much.

And, of course, being a geek I’m sure I’ll be online the entire time—the hotel has free internet connections, as so many do these days, and even when I’m out in the field (as I expect to be for much of Saturday), I’ll have the Sidekick.

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