Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Anonymous guy

Lately there’s been someone posting comments to journal entries of mine in an anonymous fashion. I don’t have a problem with this, per se; the discussion, though, has mostly been about one of my past employers. A couple of the comments earlier on I unscreened but I haven’t unscreened the last couple, because, frankly, they don’t have anything to do with the journal entries they’re attached to.

I have some vague suspicions who this person is—obviously someone who’s been on the stock boards about this company, and someone who’s been showing an insider knowledge of the company. And I don’t mind having the discussion, if that’s what it is. But this isn’t an appropriate venue for it.

So, anonymous guy, if you’re really interested in engaging in a discussion with me, do it in email. I suspect you have—or at least can get—my email address, since you found this journal, and it’s not too difficult to find the former from the latter. This may mean revealing an email address of yours, but just look at it as making the field a little more level.
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