Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Receding Confusion

So, the con is over.

It was a little surreal, in some ways—a local con for me now, as it has been the past couple of years, and this time with no real time off work for it. Yet going back in on Monday felt like returning from a vacation somehow.

I didn’t buy anything this time. At all. This is unusual for me. There’s a couple prints I still want from kyoht, but in bigger sizes than she normally sells at cons.

As usual for me, cons are more about the people than the events. I got to meet queenofstripes again, at least in passing, and saw a few other folks who I seem to only see at cons even though they’re local, like yippee and higginsdragon. And of course there’s all the folks who aren’t local but are ‘regulars’ at cons like shaterri and cooner. I met a few people (generally also in passing) for the first time like tilton. A non-regular, ben_mouse, came out for the con, making up his mind to go virtually at the last minute. And, of course, I got to see jadedfox again. (After telling him not to get me a big gift, he got me a literally big gift, a pretty wall hanging I need to figure out how to get on the wall! I really appreciate it, although I’m still obligated to say: “Argh, don’t get me a big gift!”)

Another thing which was qualitatively different this year was being behind a dealer’s table. Only on occasion, and just for signing the book. I don’t know how well it did but I do know they sold a non-zero amount, so I’m happy.

Back on the “usual” side of the equation, I have more story ideas percolating in my head and a greater desire to go somewhere with them. These usually result in something; my New Year’s non-resolution is to “be productive” on a more regular basis, which includes but is not limited to writing. (I’m also counting web development and other such activities—the idea is, basically, that I’d like to feel I made progress in something every day.

Well, I’m at the office now—technically, at lunch—and it’s time to head on to a meeting before I find myself too late to attend. More on work later, probably.

Tags: furry

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