Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Finding me at FC

I'm not going to have as much free time for the con this year as I did in some past ones; while I'll be there all day Saturday and Sunday, I'll only be checking in tomorrow evening (Thursday) and only there for the second half of Friday, and don't expect to be around Monday at all unless I drop by Monday evening to see about any "dead dog" parties that might spontaneously (or deliberately) erupt. Also, I won't be staying at the hotel.

With those caveats in mind, I'll be relatively easy to find. My nametag will more than likely say "Chipotle" and I'll be wandering around and showing up at various panels. People know that I'm often found with my laptop taking notes or working on story ideas. This year there's also a good chance I'll have the camera out, trying to learn how to take flash pictures that don't suck. And, if they're interested, I'll be at the Sofawolf table every so often seeing if I can convince people to buy my book if I sign it for them (or if they think it'll raise the value, promise not to sign it for them).

There's a good chance that in the evenings, I'll be somewhere around the bar area, too, because darnit, it's just a good place to be.

Several of the people reading this are people I'd like to hook up with. I'll have my cell phone with me at the con, and you can email the phone directly (!) with wattsm at tmail dot com, send me an SMS, or find me on AIM. (Both of the latter things you can do by looking at my LJ user info page; you can also, of course, email me, either on the phone or with my normal email address, also on the LJ user info page.)
Tags: furry

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