Watts (chipotle) wrote,

After long last I took the only digitized photos that I have--"developed" onto a Kodak PictureCD from a roll I took a half-year ago--and put them on the web. This is really an experiment with iPhoto, Apple's new photo organizing software, which has a "make a web page" button. It doesn't allow very verbose photo captions (although I've heard that you can change that with Apple's other web page editing services)--really the publishing system is darn limited, and the pages it creates don't work reliably with anything other than Internet Explorer, it seems. But it's free.

These pictures are from a trip to the Florida Keys, although we didn't spend more than a couple hours in Key West, and they end with photos shot at the Miami Zoo.


I may try to track down my film from the Big Sur trip in January 2001, although getting it scanned won't be a cheap proposition. I'm edging closer to breaking down and buying a digital camera, but this is the time of year that companies introduce new models, so I'm waiting to see if something comparable to the Olympus C-2100 comes out with a higher resolution. (Granted, I've seen the C-2100 down to $500 at CompUSA, which makes it tempting anyway--but I'd like something that does pictures that can be blown up to 8"x10" without noticeable image degradation.)

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