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I went out today at lunch to a camera shop in Palo Alto, figuring I could probably make it there in 20 minutes. I did. I would have made great time, if I hadn't had to stop at a bank on the way back. I had to stop at the bank to let them know that, at the camera store, I discovered I'd lost my ATM card.

At the store, Keeble and Shuchat, I bought a filter, specifically a polarized filter. The salesman who asked if he could help me took me right to one specific filter, which I think is a relatively cheap one, without mentioning the expensive ones that I know that store sells and that, with a little effort, he probably could have sold me. Did I look cheap?

For reasons that aren't entirely clear to me, I downloaded XEmacs at work and have it set up to be the external editor in Dreamweaver. In the past I've found that I like Emacs more than Vim in theory, but like Vim more than Emacs in practice. Even setting aside all the foofery like Mayan calendars and a Tetris mode, Emacs simply does more than just about any other editor, and it's about the only non-commercial editor that I've seen that's genuinely aware of HTML beyond mere syntax coloring. (The only programs in my experience that match it are BBEdit and HomeSite.) Emacs also, however, remains unnecessarily arcane. I'll see if I can tolerate it long-term.

Yesterday at work I was chastized via IM by my boss, who was working from home, after someone anonymous complained to him (presumably also by IM) that I was "burping disruptively." I think this person complained about me clearing my throat a couple weeks ago, too. Making noises is "unprofessional," I'm told. Is it snarky to wonder if it's professional for this person to anonymously whine to my boss without asking me first? And I bet they're certain to pick me last for dodgeball when we're both at recess.

I can blame any disruptive burping on Amato's Cheese Steaks, which are, in my opinion, worth making officemates uncomfortable over.

I noticed just now that the tentative project schedule for the project I'm on runs only to the middle of February. That's no good. My plan for world domination better finances can't be achieved unless I'm here until June.

There are rumors floating about that Six Apart, the company behind Movable Type, is going to buy LiveJournal, although neither party has made any comment. We'll see tomorrow. While I wouldn't join in the histrionics the rumor is already causing, this would not fill my heart with gladness, either. Cosmetic changes to LJ (and I count things like moving to real XHTML-based templates as, essentially, cosmetic) would be swell, but moving the LJ back end technology to anything I've seen come out of Six Apart would be... well, let's just say "less swell."
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