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New Year's Eve

So it’s the New Year, just about 9:30 am. One could say I woke up late, but in truth, I didn’t get to sleep until after 4:00 am, so.

Was I out partying? No. It was actually a quiet New Year’s, which isn’t that unusual for me. tugrik was getting increasingly grumpy about the failure to get in touch with anyone who was doing anything last night, and I was getting a bit of a grump on myself, watching the rain that had never quite left in the morning settle in more thickly, seeing weather reports saying it would be dreary and wet the rest of the weekend, and realizing that there was barely anything to eat in the house. At some point around 9pm this flipped over into absurdity, somehow, and I went out—saying it was in search of a 7-11 burrito—just as Tugrik came back with stir fry groceries.

Instead of 7-11 I ended up at a grocery store getting a few unnecessary items of my own (including frozen burritos) and champagne—and came back to discover Tug had also gotten some, of the same brand, although he’d bought the rosé version. (Not that we could tell that until the bottle was open.) We ended up watching the last part of “Not Dick Clark’s Crawlin’ New Year’s Eve” with dracosphynx, having Tugrik’s stir fry and flatbread pizza, and the bubbly. Loud fireworks were set off. Wince-inducing episodes of “Sledge Hammer” were watched.

And while I’d thought earlier about waking up to watch the sunrise, I figured there wouldn’t be one to actually see, so I stayed up online after that, letting one character get a little entertainingly raucous.

Y’know, as nerdy as it may sound, it was a good New Year’s Eve.

And here it is morning, two hours after sunrise, and while the sky isn’t cloudless it’s mostly blue. The weather report insists it won’t last, but they insisted it’d be terrible right now. It’s time to make some coffee, get a pastry and go out again with the camera I’m learning, to see if I can shoot off another few dozen pictures or so.

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