Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Blatant book plugging

After a really long gestation period on my end of things, it looks like it’s actually happening, with any luck for a premiere at Further Confusion in a month (eek).

The book has fourteen stories in it, which if I can remember off the top of my head (I’m at a coffee shop, and don’t have the source files here)

  • “Why Coyotes Howl,” the title story, which one might call therianthropic magic realism;
  • “Dreams Are For Vixens,” a sort of slice-of-life furry romance that ran in Touch many years ago;
  • “Seeing Things,” a non-furry suspense piece;
  • “Vertical Blanking,” a furry-sort-of VR story I hope MUCK players will not kill me for (which tacit published an earlier version of, under the even more cryptic title “Recondite Directives”);
  • “Daughter of Shadows,” a more-shaman-than-thou magic realism short;
  • “The Moon in Water,” a more-Charles-deLint-than-thou urban fantasy piece that I hope smurf pagans (a term gen probably remembers) will not kill me for;
  • “Only With Thine Eyes,” hard science fiction following the somewhat Victorian style of epistolary novels;
  • “Still Life, With Espresso,” the most literary-ish magic realism piece here;
  • “Going to the Dogs,” the oldest piece and another furry story that never showed up in furry ’zines;
  • “The Fence,” my contribution to chuck_melville’s shared world The Furkindred and a piece which is not a ray of happy talking animal sunshine;
  • “Beast,” a science fiction retelling of a fairy tale;
  • “The Fox Maiden,” which, as the name clearly suggests, is about a unicorn;
  • “Without Evidence,” the only Ranea story here, a detective yarn featuring one of the nastiest—yet intriguing—villains I’ve written about;
  • “Travelling Music,” a novelette which, if I do say so, is much lighter and funnier than a nerd-meets-dream-alien-woman story has any particular right to be.

Buy a copy! No, buy two or three! Buy ten and pass them out on street corners!

More seriously, I’ll be at FC and will be signing for anyone interested. (As far as I know, cover artist kyoht will also be there, and would probably also sign it. I don’t know if she’ll make prints of it, but she has lots of other cool prints. Buy all of them. Then buy another copy of my book.)

And, quasi-seriously, I’m more than willing to entertain suggestions on how to promote the book, both online and off.

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