Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Quick updates

...both good, and bad.

My one-time stepfather died this past Friday.

While my mother and he weren't married for all that long, they'd actually known each other for about three decades; they met when she was first hired to the Health Department in West Palm Beach, Florida. They both ended up with career positions in that department, although they ended up in Hernando County. He retired not too long ago--I don't think it was even a decade past--and moved back to West Palm Beach, then back to Hernando County, then in the last few years back to West Palm to live with his daughters. I've only seen him once or twice a year for the past fifteen years or so, but when I was in high school he was a constant presence, and we were pretty close then.

This week, I got a verbal job offer for a long-term contract position. I'll write more about that in a bit. I have papers to get printed out and faxed relating to that, and relating to an application at a community college, which I may also write about more in a bit. (Later today I may 'celebrate' by buying the upgrades to some software that I've been putting off. A nerd's needs are simple.)

I'm further behind now than I was yesterday in the novel, but I did write some yesterday--about 1400 words. I really want to be pegging 2000-3000 words daily from this point out until I catch up with the benchmark, but, well. I'll try later today, but I have that paperwork to get to now.

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