Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Returning to normal, mostly

haikujaguar wrote earlier today:

I feel no hatred or anger for the people who disagreed with me. I have no illusions about knowing what motivated their choices. It’s time to move on. I only wish, looking around, that more people felt the same way. It breaks my heart to see people I like painting with so broad a brush. A broad brush might cover a lot of ground, but it destroys the details that transform a piece from mediocrity to sublime beauty.

…which is absolutely true.

But wait! one might say. Given your post earlier today, it’s obvious you have a wee bit of an anger issue there, coyote.

Well, yes, guilty.

But I’m not really angry with people who voted differently, though; I’m angry with the way that my values have been distorted and vilified. I’ve usually tried to treat conservative ideas with respect even when I strenuously disagreed with them, and watching people I once respected demonstrate utter contempt for any idea remotely “liberal” has been more of a shock over the last year than perhaps it should have been.

I drove around for a while, ending up in Pacific Grove, and had lunch at a little grill I wouldn’t recommend. Then I sat in a coffee shop for a while, writing and listening to people talk about the election. (I’d rather not have been listening, frankly, but they got loud.)

I’m still woefully behind where I need to be to keep up with the NaNoWriMo target word count, and letting myself get dangerously behind magazine things, so tomorrow will—I hope—be a day of catchup in both.


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