Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday yesterday, and particularly thanks to tugrik for being willing to add another 50 miles or so to the 4960+ miles he’d already driven over the last two weeks to head up to Redwood City. The restaurant we went to was John Bentley’s, which is one I’d heard about at least a year ago—it’s been open in Woodside for nearly ten years, and they recently opened the Redwood City location as a bigger, “bistro-ish” place. (Evidently the Woodside location, which is a converted old firehouse dating back to the 30s, only has about 20 tables total.) The food was great, the service was pretty good (excellent in attentiveness and friendliness, I just got the impression the waitress had one or two more tables than she could handle efficiently), and goodness was it loud. The drunk yuppies at the table directly behind us probably didn’t help on that score. I suspect if I go back to John Bentley’s on some other special occasion, I’ll try the original location—just making a reservation much farther in advance.

I’m going to be in the next issue of ATPM, a moderately well known community-driven Macintosh magazine. (The full name is “About This Particular Macintosh,” which old Mac users will get.) My article will be, and this will surely surprise no one, a review of a word processor. The editor wrote, “we really liked your NWX review—it’s clear that you speak from experience—and I’d like to see more of your writing in the pages of ATPM.” Woot. I have no idea what else I could write about at this point, but I’ll think on it.

And, speaking of writing, I’m considering participating in NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, because I am stupid. No, no, because I haven’t actually ever finished a novel that I’ve come with an idea for, even though I’ve started a few in the past. I’ve registered on the site and I’m kicking around old novel ideas. None of the ones that I’ve actually done more than notes for; picking something that I’ve already tried to write and blocked on would add an extra mental obstacle.

The thing is, between three different ideas, I have no idea which one to run with. I’ll be thinking on them tonight, of course, but I’m expecting to be spending a lot of today working on other things—namely, cooking, eating and drinking. Hey, it’s Halloween, right?

I’ll write more about my NaNoWriMo plans, such as they are, in a later journal entry. (And write about why I want to do such a silly thing to start with!) I need to get out to a grocery store now, though.


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