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Back from the Drivers' License office, without a new driver's license to replace the one that expires in just a few days. To get a transfer license here, I need to have my birth certificate or a passport. Just having a legal photo ID like, say, the Florida license doesn't cut it.

So, more than likely, I get to spend about $25 getting an "expedited" copy from the depths of Texas somewhere. And "expedited" means 7-10 days instead of their normal two months.

Which, of course, means that I won't be able to legally drive for two weeks.

To say that this sucks is an understatement. That I have nobody to blame for myself for not going through this last month, when I should have, only makes it worse. (Technically, in fact, I should have gone through this 10 days after I moved to California--although given that I likely wouldn't have been able to get a copy of my birth certificate within that window, the late fee seems to have been a foregone conclusion no matter what.)

Theoretically I have a phone interview for another contract position in three hours or so. It'd have been nice to be in a good mood for it, since I'm not feeling terribly optimistic to start with. I expect it to delve into technical aspects of Linux and scripting environments, and in general I do poorly at memorization of such things--I'm the kind of guy who always has the manual out (or the man page, as the case may be). In practice I can write code as fast as the next guy, for most cases of "next guy," but it's hard to get that across in an interview.

And, of course, on the off chance it goes somewhere, I'd like to be able to,oh, drive to any further interviews, let alone an actual job.

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